7 Artists Shared Their Opinions On The Future Of Digital Art

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One month ago, we started weekly talks on the emerging social media app, Clubhouse. Every Thursday at 7:00 PM (PST), we speak with art industry professionals from around the globe. Each of them has their unique story and opinion on the future of art.

“Intimate Talks” are what we are focused on in the DIBA Clubhouse rooms. The stories of the artists, photographers, curators, their career paths, beliefs, support of the people around them, the music they love — everything has an impact on their artwork style. Art is an expression of feelings, emotions, and experience, and we are lucky to have incredible guests every week who share their art with us. In the following article, you can learn more about our guests and key moments of the talks, but we suggest you start turning in to our talks and meeting our guests instead of reading about them!

4th of March 2021

The first talk with Alexandra Stark and Azure Peace.

Alexandra is NYC based photographer & painter. She uses her artwork and digital presence to power her own charity platform — The Unveiled Collective.

Azure Peace is NFT artist, healer, & visionary. He uses art to reforest the global south. Along with his meditations & affirmations, Azure Peace strives to evolve the conscious leaders the world needs.

Clubhouse Talk Highlights:

Azure Peace and Alexandra highlight figures of people in their work. Azure shares about how they select their subjects and recognizes how each person has good and bad inside of themselves. Alexandra paints characters with masks and highlights the fact that we all wear masks in our day to day lives, but we can use that mask to be a superhero for ourselves and for others. With the proceeds both Azure Peace and Alexandra make from their art, they choose to invest funds into charities that build community.

11th of March 2021

Guests: Jonny Duncan and Oswaldo Cepeda

Johnny Duncan, professionally known as Jenkins2d, is a New Braunfels local, a father, and a multidisciplinary artist. He’s the founder of First Friday New Braunfels, Art Haus at the Pour Haus, and other art centric events taking place in New Braunfels. You can also find his work in Texas cities of San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, and Fort Worth.

Oswaldo Cepeda or Moodydarkroom creates otherworldly, ethereal work through portrait photography and digital art. He is currently venturing into selling his work through NFT art platforms.

Clubhouse Talk Highlights:

‘There’s two types of values — how something cost this much & efficiently building this price, and then there’s pieces that people put in their house and then they’ll die with that there. I want to price myself in a way that feels right and is sustainable…Since the pandemic, I’ve noticed the value of everybody’s intimacy with family, with friends, and things that matter. I’m using that reflection on myself. The people that my work does reach, we are going to come to some unspoken agreement about the value of that. We’re all in a place where we’ve learned what matters.” — Johnny Duncan

“Before I started shooting, I binged tons of photo critiques. I wanted to make sure that what I was shooting wasn’t cheesy or cliché. I want my stuff to be something that someone looks at & says, ‘Woah, I haven’t seen that before.’ or maybe they have seen something similar before, but I just want mine to be memorable.” — Oswaldo Cepeda

18th of March 2021

Meeting with Chris Hurtt.

Chris Hurtt is a NY-Based Creator and the Lead Motion Designer at RCA Records.

His spectrum of work has included Design, Animation, and Creative Direction for artists such as Bryson Tiller, SZA, A$AP Ferg and many others. His goal is always striving to embody a fresh and engaging experience for fans in the digital space.

His personal project 8BitHopHop is an ode to the culture that he grew up on. He sold his first NFT on the next day of our talk.

Clubhouse Talk Highlights:

Chris thoughts about NFT:

“Some people might disagree, but this space feels pure. There’s a lot of artists supporting other artists, all these beautiful pieces are out. There’s no sponsors attached to it… They’re just doing it for the love.”

“The artists are getting a taste of being paid what they’re worth. We just need to make sure that stays the case… I’ve seen artists selling their pieces for $1,000 to $8,000, when maybe they used to sell it for $200.”

“I want to also be a collector and support my friends who are coming out with amazing work. It’s just the beginning.”

25th of March 2021

Talk Guests: Sazan Pasori and Amaya Segura

As a creative professional, Missy Elliot Fan, and art director at GIPHY, Sazan Pasori animates, designs, and art directs for brands and entertainment clients. She has created motion graphics and production services for short-form visuals, promotional content, merchandise, and recently, her first release of NFT art.

Amaya Segura is a creative director, letterer and cat mom from NYC. Her work ranges from style guides for Nick Jr shows to merch design. Currently her focus is in the music industry helping artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Givēon, Rosalia, Becky G, Doja Cat and King Princess create visuals for and around their music.

Clubhouse Talk Highlights:

“All art has value because we believe it to have value, much like we believe money to have value… When you think of it that way, it stops being such a foreign concept. Things have always been traded in history. Considering art as a part of currency isn’t that far out there.” — Amaya Segura

“Labor has value, art has value, art is labor. It takes time, it takes skill, it takes learning. What we’re seeing here is people understanding the value in labor and seeing art as labor. The things that have frustrated me about freelance & sometimes in corporate jobs is wage theft… Oftentimes, it’s ‘our budget can’t accommodate that.’ With NFT’s, there’s opportunity for artists and musicians to make money. Both of these spaces are ripe for disruption.“ — Sazan Pasori

We are looking forward to the upcoming “Intimate Talks” and would be happy to see you there.

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