BitMask 0.4 Version Release
3 min readNov 8, 2022


DIBA Global is proud to share the latest BitMask, the browser extension wallet for utility directly on Bitcoin. BitMask 0.4 is our first release in over two months! This is quite possibly our most technically challenging release so far.

BitMask 0.4 Update Highlights:

  • Taproot support
  • Deprecation of SegWit addresses (an old version can be found here)
  • Asset import by RGB genesis now works, but asset import by RGB ID does not
  • Integration of UDAs from the DIBA marketplace

BitMask 0.4 & everything you need to know about the current release

For the present version of BitMask, we’re now using RGB 0.8, which includes the future-proofed mainnet-stable version of RGB that was released last July. Earlier versions of BitMask used a token node using RGB 0.4, published last year. Modern RGB is more than just a token protocol; it’s a smart contracts protocol that supports a range of tokens. At the moment we’re continuing to make use of RGB20 for our UDAs for now but hope to move to RGB21 when it’s released in the near future.

The wallet now generates P2TR addresses, which on testnet, start with tb1p instead of tb1q. You can remember this by thinking, “taProot with a P, seQwit with a Q”. We will keep a copy of the old SegWit version at which can be used to migrate testnet coins in your old wallets to the new wallet. Your mnemonic can stay the same, new keys are derived from a different path from your seed using BIP86 instead of BIP84.

Right now this version adds no major new functionality; rather, it moves to Taproot support. RGB support has been included directly in bitmask-core rather than in a separate node. This approach should make the code more reliable and portable. We were hesitant to demonstrate token functionality earlier due to its reliance on a DIBA — hosted node that was somewhat unreliable in testing.

What’s next?

In future versions, we’ll make the application more configurable, so you can point it at your own local bitmask node instead of using ours. Currently, we ask for your assets xpubs (but not your sats xpubs) when preparing and processing RGB transactions. We’re currently working with Dr Maxim Orlovsky and the RGB community to get WASM support so we can deprecate that portion of our infrastructure, hopefully sometime next year.

We’re also working on future UI/UX improvements for how mnemonic seed phrases are handled, and a storage format called Carbonado is being developed so wallet data can be persisted reliably in a compressed, encrypted, error-corrected, and remotely-verifiable file format. It will implement authenticated encryption using keys generated by your own wallet.

Furthermore, you can now create your own tokens after funding your vault, which is accessible via the Create Asset button at the bottom of the screen when using the Assets Tab. Transfers are still somewhat unreliable, but creating and importing assets by genesis will work adequately for now. Importing an asset by its RGB ID won’t work until we have wallet data persistence, which will be a major feature we’ll be working towards in our next release.

We’re working hard and we hope this release will serve as a solid foundation to advance the state of the art in modern and secure Bitcoin wallet technology.

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