Diba is a Top 10 Finalist at Bitcoin Conference 2021 Pitch Competition

2 min readOct 28, 2021
Founder Gideon Nweze presenting Diba to the Bitcoin Whale Room and panel of judges for the Bitcoin Conference 2021 Pitch Competition.
Founder Gideon Nweze presenting Diba to the Whale room and judges of the Pitch Competition of Bitcoin Conference 2021 in Miami, FL.

Out of hundreds of submissions, Diba was selected to present their project as a Top 10 Finalist at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference in Miami on Whale Day. The judges for the pitch included Tim Draper, Paul Veradittakit (Pantera Capital), Oleg Mikhalsky (Fulgur Ventures), and David Roebuck.

Organized by Bitcoin Magazine, the conference is the biggest crypto event on earth, welcoming 12,000 attendees and attracting more than 20,000 global Bitcoin believers to Miami.

The founder and Chief Executive of Diba explained the how company’s mission is to help millions of people understand, own, and use non-custodial digital assets built on top of the Bitcoin network. Assets in the virtual world are over $125 billion and yet, centralized in few hands.

“I see a future where every individual can have an equal chance to own appreciating unique digital assets and participate in economic activities while running their own Lightning node,” says Gideon Nweze.

The Diba ecosystem allows are lovers to collect digital artists that are tied directly to Bitcoin UTXOs (unspent Bitcoin transaction outputs) through a tokenless layer 2 scaling solution and client-side validated smart contracting system, RGB, by the LNP/BP Standards Association with major contributions from Dr. Maxim Orlovsky and Dr. Olga Ukolova (Pandora Core).

These assets are Taproot ready, meaning they support the most significant upgrade to the Bitcoin network since 2017, improving Bitcoin’s privacy, smart contract capabilities, and lowering transaction costs. With taproot you get optimization of Bitcoin, much different from how people know Bitcoin today.

Heaven Quiban, an art lover and Community Coordinator for Diba, shared her excitement about the impact that Bitcoin NFTs will have on the art community. “This is an opportunity for artists to securely share their art and create a living for themselves. We can start to move past the ‘starving artist’ stage and further legitimize creativity as a viable life path.”

Anastasiia Ilicheva
Marketing, DIBA Global Inc




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