Testing BitMask — Beta_0.01*

Installing the chrome extension || taproot ready cyber lightning bitcoin wallet

BitMask is a chrome extension for accessing decentralized applications on the Bitcoin blockchain and lightning network using RGB protocol — (LNP/BP). This wallet is built for speed and security using RUST and compiled to WASM.

BitMask is the gateway wallet for web3 utility on Bitcoin — developed by the DIBA team to support the most up to date technology for Bitcoin NFTs.

Install in 5 easy steps

  1. Download the BitMask binaries for the chrome extension here. Its a Zip file, click to unpack.
  1. Open your chrome browser and go to this page chrome://extensions/
    It should display all the extensions you currently have installed on your device.

3. On the top right corner, click to turn on the Developer mode.

4. In Developer mode, click “Load unpacked” and select the unpacked folder.

5. BitMask is Ready to test!

Click on the extension icon and start testing.

For easy access, pin BitMask on your browser and enjoy the test.

All BitMask bitcoin addresses are Taproot ready by default. The Benefits of Taproot include:

  • Space saving upgrade
  • Privacy upgrade
  • Security upgrades
  • Complex smart contracting upgrade



Twitter: https://twitter.com/trydiba

Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/Ajbxchsrj75kMDRi

Discord: https://diba.io




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