What you can do with BitMask 0.0.2_Beta

Send and Receive Sats (bitcoins)

Bitcoin Smart Contracts and RGB (LNP/BP)

BitMask is the first web wallet running RGB on bitcoin testnet.
RGB is a scalable & confidential smart contracts system for Bitcoin & lightning network. It is the result of extensive research and experimentations since 2016. At genesis, assets are tied directly to the bitcoin blockchain via utxos while the RGB protocol handles state evolution.

Import Assets

Since RGB is private by default, before you can interact with any smart contract or asset, your wallet has to be aware of the existence of such asset.

Search & Select (Recommended)

For ease of use, we are running RGB nodes that are aware of certain assets. All you have to do is select any of them and your wallet will be aware of such assets. Now you are ready to send and receive assets.

Uniqueness of RGB Assets & Client-side validation

Accept transactions



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