Who is building DIBA?

5 min readOct 29, 2021

We have an inside joke that we’re the “decentralized team.” From America, to the UK, to Spain, and Indonesia, our small but mighty team comes together to build a new digital art and asset marketplace on Bitcoin.



A fellow at the OnDeck founder fellowship program, Gideon Nweze has taken his life experiences from his upbringing Nigeria to education in Russia to his current home base in the silicon valley in order to establish the first Bitcoin Digital Asset Marketplace using RGB Smart Contract Protocol and Lightning Network. Gideon arrived to this endeavor by obtaining his degree in Nanotechnology and Micro Electronics Engineering & Minor in Physics and pursuing blockchain related projects.

Gideon’s projects include founding the World Blockchain Hackathon and Babylon project, hosting dev communities from 69 countries organically reaching 2.4 million viewers. From his work and deeper research into blockchain, Gideon solidified his belief in Bitcoin and wanted to further build on top of this decentralized foundation.

Gideon founded DIBA to help millions of people understand, own, and collect non-custodial digital assets issued on Bitcoin. He believes in the ability for technology to distribute wealth and access to resources for all people.



Throughout all her projects, Heaven Leigh Quiban strives to create meaningful experiences for others while contributing to the good of surrounding communities. She was hooked into NFTs after learning about the opportunities it opens up for artists and how the technology will help people.

Heaven began working in the art industry at The San Diego Museum of Art, coordinating public programs to help the community connect with the galleries. She grew to organize group art shows, launch artists’ solo exhibitions in New York, and run in-person and virtual creative programs touching on topics of mental health, feminism, and AAPI cultural awareness. She holds a BA in Communications from California State University, San Marcos.

As a community organizer and art lover, Heaven hopes to create space for wide-ranging art styles and diverse perspectives on DIBA and in the art community at large. She shares, “Through art, we have opportunities to express our truths and to help people connect with each other. Holding space for creativity and artist’s stories is a pathway for making the world a better place.”



Jose Robles is a Physicist, husband and father of four. He is a Rustacean, Pythonist and Bitcoin Developer based in Spain. Originally, Jose became interested in cryptocurrency and smart contracts because of the hype, but he stayed because he fell in love with the tech. After further research, Jose scaled back his interest in altcoins and and began only investing his work in Bitcoin.

Jose joined the DIBA team after meeting the founder, Gideon, while collaborating on RGB open source projects. He is enthusiastic about the future of NFTs and is excited to make digital assets on Bitcoin through Bitmask and DIBA a reality.



Anastasiia Ilicheva is a PR & Social Media Marketing Manager originally from Russia and currently based in London. With years of experience in marketing and sales and a passion for Graphic Design, Anastasiia follows her calling to work within the blockchain and crypto industry.

Anastasiia is the Co-Founder and COO of The Babylon Project Hackathons by World Blockchain Hackathon. With her strong interest and experience in blockchain, Anastasiia enthusiastically joins the DIBA team to onboard more people into the Bitcoin and NFT communities.



Hunter Trujillo is an experienced Rust developer, Bitcoin maximalist, loving husband, and cat dad of four (both older cats and young kittens). He’s been writing Rust since 2018, has a prior background in Web3 as a former JS developer, and has been a web developer since 2009. Once a principal engineer for a Fortune 500 company, Hunter co-founded several blockchain startups, fulfilling the CTO role, where he gained experience in engineering management. In his off hours, Hunter studies distributed systems, systems development, databases, macroeconomics, geopolitics, and commercial aerospace. He also reads sci-fi, romance novels, and sci-fi romance novels. His favorite book series is Animorphs.


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Tasha Amanda is a UI/UX Designer from Bali, Indonesia. She has worked in graphic design as a freelance creator and remotely for a design agency in Melbourne, Australia. Outside of her work, Tasha holds a love and practice of her own digital art, creating in her free time.

DIBA sparked Tasha’s curiosity because of the diverse team and her interest in crypto. She enjoys interacting with people from all over the world and learning more about Bitcoin. New to the NFT space, Tasha brings her passion for the creative field into developing the DIBA platform, built to uplift the artistic community.



Trevor O’Farrell is a Bay Area native who loves to code, play chess, and ride bikes. He is a self-taught Web Developer who has worked on a myriad of digital projects.

While building a virtual art gallery for a crypto hakathon, Trevor came across DIBA and joined the team.




DIBA Global builds decentralized application Infrastructure on Bitcoin and the Lightning network.